Clever Consult, together with its partners, provides a full range of services in the area of the bioeconomy:

  • European, national and regional policy analysis and development

We make a complete and comprehensive analysis of the current political framework in the area of the bioeconomy, including a detailed SWOT analysis, in order to make the most effective decisions at policy or business level.

  • Strategy development for authorities and companies

We support authorities and companies in developing the right and most efficient strategy in the area of life sciences and the bioeconomy. In close collaboration with the client we can also develop a detailed implementation action plan.

  • Support in public and regulatory affairs

We identify regulatory developments, possible regulatory or political obstacles, existing incentives and areas for lobbying activities. We can also set up a specific and detailed lobby outreach programme.

  • Innovation and business development

In collaboration with our partners, we can help you to capture and save innovative ideas, by finding the right people, companies or investors.

  • Education, training and communication

We can help you to develop the correct communication strategy for specific biotechnology related issues, or to develop internal or external education projects. In collaboration with our partners we can organize dedicated training programmes or develop a specific e-communication strategy.